Education Commons is a virtual community of academic systems users, designers and systems implementer sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices.

The goal of the community is to create an open and transparent system of communication between diverse groups committed to advancing the state of education worldwide. It’s meant to be a virtual commons, where sharing and participation are key. We encourage you to contribute your thoughts, ideas, programs and projects.

The Commons Cafe is open 24 hours a day and always has some interesting topics being discussed.


Commons Cafe News

  • Weekly webcast get started (updated)
  • Boston SOA workshop July 10-14 (created)
  • Concerto 2.1.1 Released (created)
  • Architects June 2 Audio (created)
  • UML Models Started (updated)

Commons Discussions

  • Spell Checker for Projects Wiki
  • Blogging Tool
  • How to Watch a Project
  • How to Lock Down a Single Page?
  • How to upload a single document?

Commons Content Updates

  • Curriculum domain (created)
  • Models (updated)
  • Student financials domain (created)
  • Advising and enrollment domain (updated)
  • Recruitment domain (updated)

Please join our webcast every Friday at 2pm EDT on Education Commons Live to discuss the latest development with the commons and learn how you can support for the growing number of projects.

The call in details for the web cast will be the same every week:
(US Toll Free) 1-866-2306968
(INTL) 1-865-5447856
passcode: 2059816

We have been featured in varied online resources such as:

  • An Interview with Ted Dodds – here
  • Iraqi Virtual Science Library: Rebuilding a National Dream, April 18, 2006 – here


Feature Story

JA-SIG: The Java Architecture Special Interest Group

Jonathan Markow leads a passionate collection of of educators and technologists creating new open platforms for sharing knowledge and connecting people dedicated to improving education.

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